Our lessons offer students instruction on important history from across US and World history. They here from remarkable scholars from around the world. They also get specialized attention on how to bring this into the primary and secondary classroom. This includes exploration of specific primary sources, access to lesson plans, and pedagogic strategies.

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"Eye opening and enjoyable. I love the format they use to make this a resource for teachers while also being engaging and educational... I hope this gets picked up by history departments around the country."

Napalm Girl flees bombing naked
Women's World History

"It's just amazing how far back we can go and still find powerful stories of women!"

A real Rosie the Riveter works in a factory
Women's US History

"It's the same history you know, just the other half. How am I just learning this?"

Feminist Pedagogy

"There are ways to not only include women from the past, but also empower the women in the class."